Event parking

All guest parking whether group or individual will be in the paved parking lot on the west side of the Prime Osborn which is their main parking lot.

How to check-in

Guest check in and onsite registration will both be in that parking lot up by the building.

After check-in or onsite registration

Parents/Caretakers can leave after they check their guest in or they can go to the Respite room for food and relaxation.


If wheelchair is needed for the guest, they will need to bring their own. Prime Osburn does not provide.

Guest pickup

Pick up for Guest. Parents/Caregiver will pickup Guest that checked in through individual guest check in next to the building in the west lot where they checked them in. If guest checked in as a group they will check out inside the building in the hall/lobby. Entrance at the West lot where they parked through the glass doors.

Respite room

Parents/Caretakers staying is respite room will be given a red wristband for entrance to the Respite room. Only two per guest.

Buddy Volunteers

Anyone wanting to be a buddy to a specific guest must register as a buddy volunteer on the website. Matching/pairing up instructions given at the training meetings.